There is a stay-at-home order in place provincewide until February 11, 2020.  The name "stay-at-home order" is a bit confusing relative to what you are allowed to do, but if you put the name aside the restrictions are pretty straightforward:

- No visitors to your house indoors.  Only members of the household (who live with you) are allowed indoors.

- Outdoors, you can have 5 visitors to your house as long as everyone maintains social distancing of 2 metres, wears a mask when not eating, and visitors do not go indoors at all.

For clarity:

- Do not invite friends or even extended family to your house, indoors.

- You can invite up to 5 visitors outdoors on your property (ie: in your back yard for a BBQ), if social distancing is maintained, masks are worn when not eating, and no visitors enter the house.  

This means that in Ontario, until February 11th, the most responsible way to gather/party indoors at your house is not to gather/party at all.  


Outdoors you can gather/party at your house with up to 5 visitors if social distancing is maintained, you wear masks when not eating and no visitors enter your house. Having a gathering/party outdoors with 5 visitors is going to be pretty low key, but set up properly, can still be fun (check out our tips section).


It's not easy, it's not fun, and everyone misses being able to gather/party with friends, but if the restrictions are not followed we won't stop the spread.  Do your part and be responsible, which in Ontario means do not gather/party indoors at home at all right now.

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