In Saskatchewan, the concept of an"extended household group" has been introduced with a limit of 15 people.

An extended household group is a small group of people whose do not have to practice social distancing and can have physical contact (hug/kiss).


They maintain physical distancing from everyone else.

The limit to the number of people in such a group is 15, and remember that every time you add someone to the group, you are connecting with everyone in their extended household group.

The 15 people are meant to stay consistent, meaning you con't change them.

Outside your group, social distancing must take place (2 metres).

So what does all of this mean relative to having a party?  

If you are going to do it, do it within your group and keep your cohort to a maximum of 15 people .   That's not a bad number - you can have a decent party with 15 people.


The alternative is if you have a party with people outside of your group - it needs to be with social distancing (2 metres).


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