Seating is one of, if not the most important things to think of and set up in advance when gathering socially/partying.

If restrictions in your province allow for a certain number of guests without social distancing, its pretty simple - you can seat guests wherever you want.  If you have to socially distance, it takes a little more thought.  


The layout of your seating really sets the tone for social distancing and the perception of the party.

Given the low numbers allowed in most provinces for social gathering, just get creative.

You don't want your chairs set so far apart that you can't socialize, after all it's a party, but you do want them at least 2 metres apart (although also allowing for couples who live together to sit together).  

If you are lucky enough to be outside, start with the "5 or 6 chair circle".  This is the "focal point" of the party.  Set 5 chairs in a circle with each 2 metres apart.  Set up a second circle if restrictions allow 10 people, a third if 15.

You'll see that having the chairs 2 metres apart is not that different from "normal".

Inside, obviously the "circle" approach won't work, and given every house and seating arrangement is different, you'll have to look at your seating, get creative and move things around appropriately.

After you've greeted your guests (2 metres apart, no hugs, contact), walk them to the 'circle" if outside, or to where you want them to sit if inside. Don't be shy and let them know how you've set things up to socially distance.

As well, as the host it is good to lead by example and maintain social distancing at all times.

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