In Newfoundland and Labador, the concept of a social "double bubble" has been introduced.  A double bubble means two households (not interchangeable) can come together and not practice social distancing.  

In addition, you can extend your double bubble by up to six people who are not part of either household in your double bubble.

To learn more about the extended double bubble, click here.

Inside of your extended double bubble you do not have to practice any social distancing and you can have physical contact (hug/kiss).

Outside your extended double bubble, social distancing must take place (2 metres).

So what does all of this mean relative to having a party?  

If you are going to do it, do it within your bubble - which means it will be pretty small (6 people outside the people in the two households in your double bubble).


The alternative is if you have a party with people outside of your extended double bubble, however it must be outside, with social distancing (2 metres) and there is a limit of 20 people.

It's not easy, and everyone misses being able to gather/party with friends with no restrictions, but if the restrictions are not followed now we won't stop the spread.  Do your part and be responsible, which in Newfoundland and Labrador means do it within your extended dubble bubble.

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