So, now that you know who you want to attend, it's time to extend the invitation.   

If you are going to party within your social circle (Ont.)/social bubble (B.C.), social cohort (Alberta), we'll leave the inviting up to you.   If you are partying outside your social circle/bubble, here are some tips.


However you contact your guests there are a couple of things you should mention given the restrictions regarding gathering size and social distancing ouside your social circle.  


By mentioning the following up front, you'll be putting your guests more at ease so that when they show up they can relax and have a good time without any worry.  You too.


Position the invite as "having  people over to relax and chill" outside, weather permitting, because outside allows for social distancing without giving up socializing. 


Social distancing is pretty much impossible inside of most people's homes.  

If you have a pet(s), keep it/them inside while your guests are there.

If the weather doesn't co-operate, re-schedule the party.  Indoors is not conducive to social distancing.


No one will mind.  Safety first in these times. 


When guests ask if they can bring anything, suggest BYOB or their own chair (if you don't have enough).  In these circumstances both you and they will feel more comfortable!

One last thing, when they ask what time you want them to come, stagger the times slightly and ask them to text you when they arrive.

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