So, you've been in hibernation all winter, are suffering from an extreme case of COVID fatigue and want to socialize.  Totally understandable.


You want to have some people over. 

Are you allowed to and if so how many can you/should you invite? That's the big question.

The answer depends on where you live.  You need to know what the current gathering restrictions are in your community.  To find out, click on your province, below.











Once you know how many people you can responsibly invite, then it's time to extend the invitation.    Only then.  


By mentioning the following up front, you'll be putting your guests more at ease so that when they show up they can relax and have a good time without any worry.  You too.


Position the invite as "having  people over outside to relax and chill".   Outside and chill are the key words.  Chill can be fun! 


When guests ask if they can bring anything, suggest BYOB and a disposable cup/glass (or tell them you have disposable cups/glasses).  In these circumstances both you and they will feel more comfortable!

When they ask what time you want them to come, stagger the times slightly and ask them to text you when they arrive.


When your guests text you to tell you they have arrived, text them back asking them to "go around the side/back" or whatever route is most direct to where you are gathering (as opposed to through your house).  


Greet them there. 

When you greet them, stay 2 metres apart, no hugs, no contact.

If they brought anything (drink for themselves) ask them to put it on a table (which you have designated for such a thing).

Then walk them to a seat in the "Muskoka Circle".   Don't be shy and let them know how you've set things up to socially distance.

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Do you have a tip/idea on how to make a gathering/party a little better in a COVID-19 environment while following restrictions?  Tell us about it so we can share it!

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