In the Northwest Territories, you do not need to social distance within your household (people you live with) - with a household having a maximum of 5 people.  As well, you can add up to 5 people from outside your household - with no social distancing.  


For example, if your household consists of 2 people, you can add up to 5 other people from outside your household for a maximum of 7.   If your houseold consists of 5 people you could have a maximum of 10.   10 is the overall limit with no social distancing.

For gatherings with social distancing being practiced, the limit is 25 people indoors and 50 people outdoors.

So what does all of this mean relative to having a party?  

If you are going to do it, it will be small (a maximum of 5 people outside your household).


The alternative is if you have a larger party  with social distancing (2 metres).



Indoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people. 


In order to gather with 10 people indoors with no social distancing, those 10 people must all be part of your designated bubble, which can have a maximum of 15 people in it. 

If your indoor gathering (to a maximum of 10 people) includes visitors not part of your designated bubble, social distancing from those people must be maintained.  This is not recommended because of the difficulty social distancing in a house - go outside instead where social distancing can be done more easily.

Outdoor gatherings with no social distancing are limited to your extended double bubble with a maximum of 15 people (as that is the maximum allowed in an extended double bubble).  

Outdoor gatherings with social distancing are allowed to a maximum of 50 people.


In Nunavut, indoor or outdoor gatherings at your home are limited to 5 people plus the occupants of your household, for emergencies only.

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