Effective January 22, 2021, for three weeks, the following will be in effect for all areas of the province except the Northern Health Region:

- Each household will be permitted to designate a specific two individuals (not a rotating list of visitors), who can visit indoors.

- Each household will be permitted to have up to 5 people from outside the household visit outdoors (for example at a BBQ you could have members of the household plus 5 visitors).

In the Northern Health Region:

- A person who resides in a private residence must not permit a person who does not reside in that residence to enter the property or residence (that means indoors or outdoors).


This means that in the Northern Health Region,  the most responsible way to gather/party indoors or outdoors is not to gather/party at all.   It's not easy, it's not fun, and everyone misses being to be able to gather/party with friends, but if the restrictions are not followed we won't stop the spread.  Do your part and be responsible, which in the Northern Health Region, means do not gather/party indoors at all right now.

For the rest of the province (other than the Northern Health Region), it is ok to gather indoors with your 2 designated visitors (the same 2, not a rotating list of visitors). Gathering with more than your 2 designated visitors indoors is not ok.  Outdoors, for the rest of the province (other than the Northern Health Region) you can have up to 5 visitors (who must remain outdoors).   Having a gathering/party outdoors with 5 visitors is going to be pretty low key, but set up properly, can still be fun (check out our tips section).

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