new brunswick

In New Brunswick, restrictions are being implemented on a "zone by zone" basis.  There are 7 zones.

For zones 1 (Moncton), 2 (St. John and Fundy Shore area), 3 (Frederiction and River Valley area), 5 (Restigouche), 6 (Bathurst and Acadian Peninsula Area), and 7 (Miramichi), you may gather indoors or outdoors with up to 10 people who are part of your "Steady 10" from outside your household - with no social distancing required.

Edmunston (zone 4) remains in lockdown which means:

- All indoor and outdoor gatherings among people of different households are prohibited. 

- This means no visitors to your house indoors or outdoors.

This means that in New Brunswick, other than zone 4, you can actually have a small gathering /party with up to 10 people from your "Steady 10" in addition to members of your household - which is more than enought to have a good time and fun.  


It's not easy, and everyone misses being able to gather/party with friends with no restrictions, but if the restrictions are not followed now we won't stop the spread.  Do your part and be responsible, which in New Brunswick means do not gather/party indoors at home at all right now.

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