In Ontario, if you stick to guests from your social circle and you don't want to have your family at your party (which we're guessing you don't), you will have fewer guests because your family or whoever you live with are part of the 10 people in your social circle. 

The same applies to Alberta (except the number is 15).


Because there is no limit on the size of your social bubble in B.C., (although you urged to keep it small), this is not an issue.


In Ontario for example if your social circle consists of you, 2 parents, a brother, a sister and 5 friends (for a total of 10), and you want to have a party with your friends the friends you can invite are the 5 in your social circle - no more.  Remember the 5 friends in your social circle can't change (they must remain constant - be the same 5).

Click here to learn how to build your social circle (Ont.).

If you want to have a party with guests from outside your social circle (Ont.), you can pick any 9 (you are the 10th) friends you want from either inside your social circle or outside your social circle. Each guest must maintain social distancing from those outside their social circle.

If you are going to party only with guests from your social circle (Ont.)/social bubble (B.C.), social cohort (Alberta), there's not much we need to tell you - other than thanks for partying responsibly, and have fun!

If you are going to party with guests from outside your social circle/bubble take a moment to read through the following pages for tips on planning how to handle arrivals + departures, location, layout and seating, eating and drinking and more!

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