If you live in a province, region, or area where there is no gathering allowed with anyone outside of your household, then you should not be thinking about gathering/partying at all as responsible gathering/partying in that case means no gathering/partying.  

If however you live in a province, region, or area that allows gathering in some form, and you are thinking you would like to have some kind of a gathering/party we have some tips that will help you do so responsibly while those restrictions are in place.


It is possible to plan a gathering/party that respects the restrictions and allows you to have a good time.  You just need to think about it a bit, and plan ahead.  Winging it just won't work.

Whether it is understanding just how many people you can have at your gathering, setting the expectations when you invite people, how you greet them when they arrive, how seating is set up, how food and drinks are handled, there are a few little things you can do to make your gathering/party "work" so that everyone has a good time.

It just takes a little more planning and thought than "normal" (pre COVID-19 restrictions).

If you want a return to normal (which we know you do), we all have to do our part, and when it comes to gathering/ partying that means doing it responsibly and respecting restrictions.

So, now that you know there is a little bit of planning involved lets start planning your gathering/party.  

We've divided our tips into five key areas that you should give thought to.  Take a few minutes to go though them one by one:

- Get the number right.

- The invite.

- Arrivals and departures.

- Seating.

- Eating & drinking.

To begin, click here to go to "Get the number right" or click here to go to the "Tips" main menu.

Do you have a tip/idea on how to make a gathering/party a little better in a COVID-19 environment while following restrictions?  Tell us about it so we can share it!

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